SmartInstruments is one of the team’s new projects, dedicated to the design of hybrid acoustic/electronic musical instruments. These instruments are based on high quality acoustic instruments, made in collaboration with instrument makers (Maurice Dupont’s guitar, Selmer’s bass clarinet, etc.), and embedded electro-acoustic components: sensors, actuators, & electronic board. That way, the acoustic instrument becomes its own amplification system, and radiates a mix of its acoustical sound and digital/analogic treatments.

You will find the scientific publications related to this project here.

This project follows on from IMAREV project, supported by ANR.

contact: Adrien Mamou-Mani atA�adrien.mamou-mani@ircam.fr.

SmartGuitar, model 1

Thibaut Meurisse, guitar

SmartGuitar, model 2

  • Giani Caserotto, SmartGuitar + pedals (No loudspeaker of course!)
    Improvisation with the new SmartGuitar, made in collaboration with Maurice Dupont.

    • Closed Loop, R. HP Platz, DA?sseldorf, February 2014.
      Caroline Delume, guitar
      Augustin Muller, computer music design


  • Alain Billard, clarinet
    Augustin Muller et Gilbert Nouno, computer music design


  • Jeanne Maisonhaute (PhD student in the team) playing Juan Arroyo’s Smaqra 1B with the hybrid cello designed in collaboration with the luthier Lucas Balay

  • We have succeeded in controlling the resonances of the cello body thanks to modal active control.

Example where the well-known wolf tone phenomenon dissapears during the 1 sec. of control:

Arthur Givois, cello

SmartMute for trombone

When using a straight mute with their trombone, musicians always have this specific problem: certain low notes become impossible to play! Thanks to a feedback loop between embedded microphone and loudspeaker, we have solved this problem:


Listen to this musical sequence with a normal mute. As you can hear, the Bb and A notes are not playable. Now listen to the same sequence, but this time with the SmartMute. The Bb and A are now well played, and the lowest notes have a nice bright sound! (played by Benny Sluchin)

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