A Lightweight C++ Framework for Real Time Active Control (RTLW 2014)

Robert PiA�chaud is presenting « a Lightweight C++ Framework for Real Time Active Control » at the 16th Real Time Linux Workshop (DA?sseldorf, Oct. 12 and 13.) This paper is strongly related to ourA�current SmartInstruments project and its embedded platform embodiments such as Beaglebone Black, and to the Xenomai real-time environment.

Active Control is a common application of hard real-time. In particular, active control of musical instruments pushes the limits of determinism and low-latency very far, as it must deal with relatively high frequencies in order to be efficient. With modal active control of vibration as a starting point, a more generic, abstract, yet lightweight object-oriented active control framework has been developed for covering potential situations where real time environment, hardware, and control model may vary a great deal, but where functional expectations remain rather constant. Practical results for one implementation of this framework on a low-cost platform will be exposed, namely on a Beaglebone Black running Xenomai and equipped with a custom DAQ cape in a SISO context, also taking advantage of the PRUSS (Programmable Real Time Unit) as a powerful complement to Xenomai for achieving an even better determinism.

Here is the full paper:

And there is the RTLW 2013 (Lugano) paper that Benacchio & PiA�chaud presented, including the experimental results that set the ground of the SmartInstruments project:
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